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Walking visit of Hoi An with an english speaking guide Visit Hoi An with English tour guide

Hoi An Old Town Tour
How Many Person
Adultes 17 usd (à partir de 12 ans)
Enfants gratuit (moins de 12 ans)


We set out together to explore the ancient port of Hoi An. During this walk through the streets of the old village, you will not only discover the essential monuments such as the Japanese Bridge or the Tan Ky House which houses the mysterious cup of Confuscious. But we will also visit the Folklore Museum where we will learn more about the daily life of the village people, their ancestral customs and traditions. We will visit The Nguyen Tuong Family Temple dedicated to the ancestors of this family. The perfect opportunity to learn more about the beliefs and superstitions of the people of Vietnam. We will also see TheFujian Communal House (Phuc Kien), an ideal spot to talk about the history of Hoi An and its evolution through the centuries up until the present day. You will discover the hidden secrets of this city which was, for a long while, a major destination for all the merchants who sailed the seas between Europe and Asia. It is even said that Marco Polo stopped here. We will visit a traditional Chinese doctor and discover this age-old skincare technique that is becoming increasingly popular in the West.

Visit Hoi An with an english speaking Tour Guide During this visit, you will also visit the Hoi An Market with its many tropical fruits and vegetables. Here, I will explain the use of local herbs in the kitchen and more remarkably, in traditional medicine. You will learn how unconventional ingredients, such as butterfly larvae or hatched eggs are used, and the unimaginable virtues that are attributed to them.

This part of the visit is the perfect opportunity to discover and sample new tastes and flavours.

Note that the market visit is more interesting in the morning than in the afternoon.


Our walk will end on the terrace of a small local café where you will be able to sample the famous Vietnamese coffee or a local tea, giving us time to talk. I will be happy to answer any questions you may have at this time.


MORNING VISIT: Departure time: 8h - Return: 12h (4 hours).
AFTERNOON VISIT Departure time: 14h - Return: 18h (4 hours).
MEETING PLACE: Heaven and Earth Office - 61 Ngo Quyen St. (See the map)
INCLUDED: English speaking guide, ticket book for visits to the monuments, a small bottle of water, a soft drink (offered to children).
GROUP VISITS: For group visits, I regroup several people who wish to visit Hoi An independently. But, if you wish a private visit to Hoi An and /or around a particular theme, please contact me.
MAXIMUM PARTICIPANTS: The maximum number for group visits is 8 adults. I can take more participants in a private visit.
PRICE: : Adults (+ 12 years old): 25 usd (Ticket book valued at 6 usd included)
Children less than 12 years old: Free.

Please Note: You may visit the ancient town on your own by purchasing a ticket book for 6 usd. This book enables you to visit 5 monuments of your choice from the 22 total monuments with entry fees. For only 7 dollars more, I will lead you on a guided visit in French, where I will give you some background history of Hoi An, its anecdotes and legends. And some general information about Vietnamese culture and history.


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