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Walking visit of Hoi An with an english speaking guide Visit Hoi An with English tour guide



Embark on a unique and exotic itinerary in the heart of the famous and emblematic city of Hoi An, UNESCO World Heritage.

Traveling through the centuries and its fascinating history. 

In morning sweetness, bewitched by the colors around you, you will be captivated by the charm of its quays which once welcomed the large ships.

Immerse yourself in the heart of typical vietnamese life and savor a market visit, a great spectacle, which will stimulate all your senses. You will discover the most unusual ingredients as well as their surprising virtues.

Transported, you will then be filled with an authentic breakfast influenced by french colonization, a mixture of two tasty cuisines recognized in the world.

Visit Hoi An with an english speaking Tour Guide Your walk will continue with historic and famous places such as the Japanese bridge and the Tan Ky house, whose sites have collected significant and exciting events. 

You will be captivated by the vietnamese traditions and customs at the Museum of Folklore, and bewitched by their beliefs and superstitions during the family temple, to which we are the only ones to have access. 

The Museum of Traditional Chinese Medicine will reveal all the mysteries of plants specific to the vietnamese climate. 

You will discover the incredible architecture and ornament of the fertility pagoda and the story of its history.


During this unique journey, you will escape the crowd through the narrow and strong character alleys, unknown to tourists.

And to perfect your morning rich in memories, we will taste the famous vietnamese coffee or the drink of your wish, on a local terrace, view of the river, a delicious moment of conviviality punctuated by the knowledge of your guide. 


MORNING VISIT: Departure time: 8am - Return: 12am (4 hours).
MEETING PLACE: Heaven and Earth Office - 61 Ngo Quyen St. (See the map)
INCLUDED: English-speaking guide, tickets for visits to the monuments, breakfast, a small bottle of water, a soft drink (offered to children).
GROUP VISITS: For group visits, I regroup several people who wish to visit Hoi An independently. But, if you would like a private visit of Hoi An and /or around a particular theme, please contact me.
MAXIMUM PARTICIPANTS: The maximum number for group visits is 10 adults. I can take more participants in a private visit.
PRICE: Contact me

Please Note: You may visit the ancient town on your own by purchasing a ticket book for 6 USD. This book enables you to visit 5 monuments of your choice from the 22 total monuments with entry fees. For only 7 dollars more, I will lead you on a guided visit in French, where I will give you some background history of Hoi An, its anecdotes, and legends. And some general information about Vietnamese culture and history.


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